360 Fit

EXOS of Raleigh

Will Parker has a strong resume as being a performance specialist. He has trained NFL Hall of Famer Tory Holt, and MLB MVP Josh Hamilton. Will provided professional training and life encouragement that challenged our young men to be proactive about living healthy.

CrossFit Greenville

Crossfit of Greenville, assisted with our 360 Fit summer camp. Providing and intense series of circuit training. Cardio, weights, and calisthenics gave our young sirs a work out to remember.

Hope of Glory Ministries

Mandi Stewart, former E.C.U. softball player and certified Trainer facilitated sports specific trainings and nutritional awareness throughout the camps. Mandi worked the boys hard and then loved on them with some healthy home cooked meals.

360 Fit is Changing the lives of Youth

Spiritually * Mentally * Physically * “Our goal is to impact the whole person”

Reading about 360 Fit could sound both challenging and boring, so we decided to show you the pictures first.

We provide a baseline exercise testing to identify the fitness level of participating individuals. Digital data is recorded from exercise equipment assessing the strength and endurance levels of participants. Members who test below the average fitness levels are given more attention and a modified version of trainings. The success of our goal: 100% of participants who test below level always increase in strength and endurance after completing 360 Fit.



360 Fit Success Chart

  • 100% More Strength & Endurance

We host camps and provide specialized training/conditioning techniques that could be implemented in your home environment. Including proper stretching techniques, healthy eating habits, and various exercise movements. We educate members with preventive interventions to maintain a nutritional lifestyle. Pamphlets, documents, and care packets are distributed to each member assisting them with the awareness and knowledge to self manage a healthier life.